Wanted Persons


Improve Safety in Your Community

Report anonymous tips to Carter Bail Bonds in Lake Charles, LA

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home. If you're living in fear that someone in your area is a wanted criminal, you have options. Carter Bail Bonds allows you to report anonymous tips right to us. You'll have more than just confidentiality; you'll have 100% anonymity. All you have to do is call in and provide us with the intelligence, and we'll report it to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

You may be entitled to a reward for the information you provide. Call 337-429-5620 now to report an anonymous tip in Lake Charles, LA.

When should you submit a tip?

When it comes to submitting anonymous tips, you always want to listen to your gut. Wanted individuals often disguise themselves in normal communities, posing themselves as responsible, trustworthy citizens. Community tips are a valuable resource when law enforcement is coming up short in their investigation.

Want to report an anonymous tip? Contact us now.