"10/10 totally recommend. Everybody at Mr. Carter's office was extremely kind and helpful. they made this experience informative and very easy"

"Works with you on a payment plan and also are very understanding and professional."

"Carter has always been one of my favorites. 5 stars Mr. Carter."

"Carter Bail Bond is amazing they take good care of there clients and speedy process"

"Rochelle showed GREAT communication, very accurate responses, fast, very professional."

"I love how quick her and her team moves concerning their clients.... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CARTER'S BAIL BONDS, Don't hesitate, make that call...they won't disappoint...!!!"

"Very friendly staff and very prompt return calls."

"Mr. Carter has always been a long time friend, so there was no hesitation in trusting in him to handle our family matters. He helped us in an efficient manner which did not delay my son from getting the help he needed in a timely manner. ..."

"They respond quickly and they're very helpful!"

"Very good customer service"

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